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Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation

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International Standards Group (ISG)

The ISG is the new group established to oversee the establishment of standardized benchmarks primarily developed for the use in government regulations and programs, and collaborates with national and international standard development organizations to enhance global standards.

ISG founding members

AMD, Dell/EMC, HPE, IBM, Intel, Microsoft, and University of Würzburg

Current International standard benchmarks

The SERT suite 2

The SERT® standard is providing a first order of approximation of server efficiency across a broad range of application environments. It is designed to be economical and easier to use by utilizing a comprehensive graphical user interface (GUI) and predetermined sets of tuning parameters. The SERT suite has been implemented and tested for a variety of 64-bit processors, operating systems, and JVMs. It is scalable and tested up to a maximum of 8 processor sockets and a maximum of 64 nodes. The server under test (SUT) may be a single stand-alone server or a multi-node set of servers. A multi-node SUT will consist of server nodes that cannot run independently of shared infrastructure such as a backplane, power-supplies, fans, or other elements. These shared infrastructure systems are commonly known as blade servers or multi-node servers.

Joining SPEC/ISG

We welcome your interest in joining the International Standards Group. For more detailed information on benefits, membership fees, and the application process, please go to our ISG membership page.