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Letter From The President

Hard Work

Published First Quarter, 1996; see disclaimer.

I am pleased to welcome Paula Smith (DEC), Mike Paton (Motorola) and Mike Bailey (SDSC) as the newest members of the SPEC Board. Thanks to the Herculean efforts of Dianne Rice (SPEC), Kathy Powers (SPEC), Larry Gray (HP) and Robert Putney (IBM), the GPC's transition from NCGA to SPEC was a smooth one.

SPEC CPU95 is enjoying GREAT success. I want to thank Chris Chan-Nui (IBM) for SPEC CPU95 tools and CD Roms production line. SPEC is indebted to Alex Carlton (HP), Jeff Reilly (Intel) and Robert Putney (IBM) for getting SPEC Webservers off to an OUTSTANDING start. Their efforts have made it a joy to use the electronic versions of SPEC products. Thanks to HP and IBM for providing Web Server resources (hardware, software and skills).

I congratulate Jean Suplick (Convex) for election to HPG chair and thank Siamak Hassanzadeh (SUN) for his contributions. I also want to congratulate Jeff Garelick and Spencer Shepler (IBM) for election to OSG and SFS chair.

I want to congratulate recipients of SPECtacular Awards: Larry Gray (HP); Alex Carlton (HP); Paula Smith (DEC); Jeff Reilly (Intel); Phil Vitale; Chris Chan-Nui and Jeff Garelick (IBM).

Alex Carlton (HP), Rick Jones (HP); Prasad Wagle, Walter Bays (SUN), Michael Blakeley (Netscape), Jim Fehrle (Intel), Paula Smith (DEC), Chris Chan-Nui (IBM) and many others are feverishly working on the SPECweb benchmark. I applaud and thank them for their super TEAM effort. With Network Centric Computing -- the popular theme for today and tomorrow, EVERYONE is waiting for the SPECweb benchmark.

I want to thank our European ambassador, Reinhold Weicker (SNI), for his efforts to educate others on the virtues of SPEC CPU95.

I thank my colleagues on the Board and Tom Skornia for their support. I congratulate two Board of Directors who are proud Papas - Mike Bailey and Jeff Reilly.

Our major challenge is educating the "decision makers" - who in most cases are neither technologists nor engineers on how to interpret SPEC CPU95 results and how to make the transition from SPEC CPU92.

Thank you for all the HARD work.

Kaivalya Dixit

Copyright (c) 1996 Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation