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Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation

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Letter From The President

Thank You!

Published December, 1995; see disclaimer.

You worked hard in 1995 and made SPEC95 a reality and announced SPEChpc96 suite. All of you deserve my heartfelt thanks and congratulations. Success of the SPEC95 was evident when I saw a government RFP required SPEC95 results and no mention of SPEC92! I encourage all members to report SPEC95 results on their new and old products. I applaud Jeff Reilly (Intel), Jeff Garelick (IBM) and OSSC SWAT Team for their perseverance, diligence and leadership in making SPEC95 a reality.

I thank Tom Joyce, Chris McKinsey, Knud Kirkegaard (Intel), Spencer Shepler, Chris Chan-Nui, Da-Gung Lu (IBM), Alex Carlton, Joan Lawler, Tom Spuhler (HP), Dave Robinson, Bodo Parady, Siamak Hassanzadeh, Prasad Wagle (SUN), Paula Smith, Judy Piantedosi (DEC), Mike Paton (Motorola), Reinhold Weicker (SNI), Jean Suplick (Convex), Rudi Eigenmann (University of Illinois), and many other active volunteers for their dedication and hard work. SPEC95 and HPSC suite would be paper-ware without your efforts.

I thank Tom Morgan, Dave Waser (DG) and Krishna Dronamraju (AT&T), Fiona Sim (IBM) for their contributions -- we miss them. Don't be strangers, and keep in touch.

NCGA becomes a virtual company in 1996, and we thank Dianne Rice (SPEC), Rodney Sanford (NCGA) and management for their contributions. I am excited about our move to a new location and new projects we are undertaking next year -- SPEC's own WEB server, WEB access to the newsletter, HPSC suite, SFS Suite, WEB suite and GPC.

I thank board members and Tom Skornia for their support and contributions.

I congratulate and thank enlightened management of SPEC Member Companies, who send their best and brightest in support of SPEC.

Happy holidays and see you all at the next annual meeting in Portland, Ore.

Kaivalya Dixit (HO! HO! HO!)

Copyright (c) 1995 Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation