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SPEC CPU2000 Benchmark Description File

Benchmark Name


Benchmark Author

Peter R. Homan

Benchmark Program General Category


Benchmark Description

VORTEx is a single-user object-oriented database transaction benchmark which which exercises a system kernel coded in integer C. The VORTEx benchmark is a derivative of a full OODBMS that has been customized to conform to SPEC CINT2000 (component measurement) guidelines.

The benchmark 255.vortex is a subset of a full object oriented database program called VORTEx. (VORTEx stands for "Virtual Object Runtime EXpository.")

Transactions to and from the database are translated though a schema. (A schema provides the necessary information to generate the mapping of the internally stored data block to a model viewable in the context of the application.)

Input Description

The schema as provided with the benchmark is pre-configured to manipulate three different databases: mailing list, parts list, and geometric data.

Both little-endian and big-endian binaries for the schema are provided.

The benchmark builds and manipulates three separate, but inter-related databases based on the schema. The size of the database is scalable, and for CINT2000 guidelines has been restricted to about 200 Mbytes.

VORTEx been modified to not commit transactions to memory in order to remove input-output activity from this CINT2000 (component) benchmark.

The workload of VORTEx has been modeled after common object-oriented database benchmarks with modifications to vary the mix of transactions.

The 255.vortex benchmark is run three different times, each time a different mix of database inserts, deletes and lookups is used to simulate different database usage patterns.

Output Description

The benchmark 255.vortex is run using three different workloads (simulating different dataset sizes and access patterns), with each run producing one output file. Each output file (vortex1.out, vortex2.out, and vortex3.out) is a log of all transactions occurring during the running of the benchmark, these transactions include creating entries in the database, deleting entries, and entry lookups.

Programming Language


Known portability issues

  • -DSPEC_CPU2000_LP64 If you are running in a 64-bit environment and using a compiler that supports an LP64 programming model (where "long" and pointers are 64-bits in size).

6/28/2005: This is no longer a valid URL for information regarding the benchmark.

Last updated: 8 November 1999