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SPEC CPU2000 Benchmark Description File

Benchmark Name

Benchmark Author

Martin Schoenert

Benchmark Program General Category

Group theory, interpreter

Benchmark Description

It implements a language and library designed mostly for computing in groups (GAP is an acronym for Groups, Algorithms and Programming).

Input Description

It has multiple parts, one part of it is the standard gap speed-benchmark, excercising mostly the combinatorial functions and big number library, then some test functions for the finite field, permutation group and subgroup lattice computations, a program comparing two different methods of finding normalizers in solvable groups and finally a test excercising the collector for so-called ag-groups, this is a piece where the bulk of the computation is not done by the interpreter.

Output Description

The output consitsts of the results of these tests.

Programming Language


Known portability issues

The program has, in module system.c, several function prototype definitions for common Unix system calls. In case that these functions have already function prototypes defined by the compilation system, the program-supplied prototypes need to be deactivated to avoid multiple function definitions. This is done by supplying one or more of the following -D arguments as compilation switches for the compiler invocation command line:


In addition, compilation switches of the form:


control conditional compilaton for specific operating system dependent parts. The standard SPEC flag:


deals with 64-bit integers and pointers.

Please consult previous submissions and vendor config files if there are questions with portability.


Last updated: 11 December 1999