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SPEC jAppServer Development Page

The following benchmarks are currently under development or have been released by the SPEC/OSG Java Subcommittee.


An industry standard benchmark designed to measure the performance of J2EE 1.3 application servers. This benchmark includes an enhanced workload by adding a web tier, JMS, and other changes to SPECjAppServer2002.


SPECjAppServer2002 is similar to the SPECjAppServer2001 benchmark, but the application server code has been ported to use the J2EE 1.3 standard. The workload has not been enhanced to use any additional features of J2EE 1.3. After the release of SPECjAppServer2002, SPEC will continue to accept and publish results from SPECjAppServer2001. Both benchmarks will be supported until the release of SPECjAppServer2004.


SPECjAppServer2001, an industry standard benchmark designed to measure performance of J2EE 1.2 application servers, was released on September 4, 2002. More information about this benchmark is available at