<b>SPEC</b> JVM Client98 Suite Release 1.0 8/98

These benchmarks are used to measure the SPECjvm98 performance metric. They contain licensed software from SPEC, Fraunhofer IIS, Sandia Corporation, and Sun Microsystems. You must read and agree to the licenses (located in the License subdirectory) before you can use or install this software. See benchmark information and credits for acknowledgement of contributors to this suite.

A Java Virtual Machine compatible with JDK1.1 or later is required. See System Requirements and Common Problems in the Users Guide.


If you are reading this from the CD-ROM, follow the steps below to install the suite. If you are reading this from a hard disk or web server, then someone has already installed the suite.

The benchmark suite is normally installed on a web server using InstallShield Java(tm) Edition. For reportable results you must install the SPEC JVM Client98 software on a web server accessible to your client system. This may be the same system as the client, or it may be a different system. For test purposes where results are not reported, you may run the benchmarks without a web server. See the run rules (located in the doc subdirectory) for more infomation.

You have several choices to install the software:


The latest documentation and technical support answers may be found on the SPEC web site at http://www.spec.org/osg/jvm98/ Documentation is included with this benchmark suite in the doc subdirectory: